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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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were gunned down at a grocery store. abc 7 news starts right now. good evening. i am pamela brown. leading with the news of congresswoman gabrielle giffords being shot. here is what we know so far. the bass shooting happened at a grocery store while the congresswoman was holding a event -- an event with constituents. federal judge john roll killed by the gunmen -- by the gunman. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords was making a public appearance when a man ran up and opened fire. she was shot in the head and rush to nearby university medical center. >> i finished operating on her. at the current time, i am optimistic.
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at least 10 others, including some of her staff members, were also shot. some were airlifted to a nearby hospital. the gunman was attacked by a bystander. but our hearts go out to the family members of those who have been slain. we are going to get to the bottom of this and we are going to get through this. >> representative giffords was reelected on know -- in november. she took part in the thursday meeting of the constitution on the house floor. >> congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. >> the congresswoman is married to and astronauts who commanded the last flight of the space shuttle. >> the gun man has been
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identified as 22-year olds jared loughner. dr. peter rhee says he is optimistic about her condition. >> our reporter john gonzalez is on the scene in d.c. i a imagine it is a somber scene tonight. >> they have kathy arsenide. they have worked with her on gun control and health care reform. many who know her say it was her tenacious player that got her reelected in november. outside of her office, supporters who are keeping her in their thoughts have already dropped off flowers tonight. the 40-year-old congressman just started her third term in congress. >> she is a blue dog.
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we would not have been a majority without gaby difference. >> she had death threats, but she was out their front and center. >> a moderate and conservative democrat, she has drawn the ire of the gop, especially with her support of health care reform. her front door was vandalized. >> that was a scary thing for a lot of elected officials. it said it to an unusual level. >> she was always a believer in getting out and meeting her constituents. >> it is almost unimaginable. >> u.s. capitol police are directly involved in this investigation. they are advising all members and staff to take reasonable
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precautions regarding their personal security. one congresswoman says giffords had shown a lot of report -- a lot of support for voted rights. john boehner says he is horrified on the senseless attack. he went on to say this is a sad day for our country. we found out from supporters that there would be a vigil here on capitol hill at 7:00 p.m.
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>> for more perspective on this breaking story out of wash -- out of arizona, we turn to
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politico. what has been the reaction? >> everybody is shocked. this is not a common thing. the last time a congressman was shocked -- was shot was in 1978. kathy is not -- gabby is not out of the woods yet. everyone is calling the shooter a degenerate monster. it is a tragedy that has captivated the whole country, especially arizona and washington. >> lets talk about congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she was elected in 2006. president obama called her an extraordinary public servant who was well liked by the republican constituents. she was known to be involved in the community going home to spend time with her
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constituency. what else can you tell us about her? >> she was a political survival. -- a political survival. she was a political survivor. she is used to being in the middle of controversial -- in the middle of controversy. she is not a controversial figure herself. she goes back. she does constituent events. almost every member of congress travels without security unless you are in leadership and you have a specific threat against you. most members of congress are folks you might run into at the grocery store. >> let's expand on that. according to the fbi, death threats against congress increased by 39%. some people are survive -- are
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surprised that not many lawmakers have security. we heard today that capitol police have instructed, as people to take reasonable precautions. do you think lawmakers will pull back from public appearances. >> they are saying they are not going to let this stop them from interacting with the people, interacting with the voters. there is going to be more scrutiny on threats to lawmakers and how they go about security. if you live on capitol hill, you could run into a member of congress at the grocery store or at the local bar. they get on airplane and fly back to their local district. there is no security. they are just driving around and going to places like you and i. >> do you think this is just the risk that public servants take?
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>> in our post-9/11 environment , security -- intensity just went up 300%. we cannot speculate about the motives of the center in this particular case. threats are up. we are in a ball kyle the environment. -- volatile environment. it makes people think about how they interact with the public. >> we appreciate you talking with us. we are going to turn to some other news tonight. the investigation continues into some packages that ignited . one package was addressed to
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homeland security secretary general upon a double-janet nippon macondo. -- janet napolitano. >> a suspicious device was found inside this building. now authorities are trying to learn who sent the device and why. the building is open for business again with added protective measures. >> they are doing what they can on their end. >> it was a different attitude since yesterday. >> the package had been described as popping, smoking, and with a brief flash of fire. it extinguished itself. >> the package, the size of a vhs tape, was addressed to secretary dan upon a time of --
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secretary gen in palatine know. -- secretary janet napolitano. highway signs were removed hours before the maryland deliveries were made. the sign said, you have created a self-fulfilling prophecy. >> his motive was to draw attention to a particular story, event, or idea. >> a difficult investigation, a frightening scenario. >> concerning that somebody would actually reach out and intentionally harm somebody's career and life by sending a mail bomb. >> all three devices are being examined. fbi agents are looking at dna
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evidence. authorities are hoping there will be no more packages delivered. experts think they are likely will be. live from northwest washington, richard reeves, abc 7 news. >> still ahead, a chilly [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year.
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detectives are investigating a homicide in prince george's county. when detectives arrived, they found a man lying in the parking lot. he had trauma to his body. he was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. we have an update on a terrible car crash in bowie.
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the driver of the car was killed. a boy in the car was critically hurt. police say the suspected thieves were not hurt. but they are in custody. workers will be making repairs on the metro. there will be delays. there will be delays on the red line. they lined up bright and early this morning for a chance to a free -- tens for a free cup cake. they gave away free cup cakes to the new -- to the first 1000 customers. it was quite a treat to those who stopped by. the store also gave away free
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cups of coffee to help wash down the cup cakes. weather wise, it was pretty windy and chilly. >> the sun came out. with the wind chill factor, it is cold out there. as we look down pennsylvania avenue, mainly clear skies. sunshine tomorrow and the potential for more winter weather as soon as monday night into tuesday. head over to our weatherbug network. weatherbug network of annapolis looking at 26 degrees. 29 degrees in beltsville. there is our current reason -- our current reading in terms of highs and lows.
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i think we have some issues with our computer. no, we don't. this is it. 42 and 28. no where close to the record. 29 at the airport. dropping down to 19 at the airport this hour. the kathy single digits. airport this hour. the kathy single digits.
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the wizards when by 20. -- win by 20. the new orleans saints traveling up to seattle. the seahawks lead 21 to 20. up to seattle. the seahawks lead 21 to 20.
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we are back in with a final look at the forecast. >> cold and windy. tomorrow, it will be another cold today. plenty of sunshine. clouds increase for the day on monday. on monday, flurries will start to fly. the big question is, how much will we have to shovel. it is up in the air. called by the end of next week. -- gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed


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